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As a consumer, there are a number of websites you should know about where you can see current prices and interest rates, compare providers with each other or find the necessary information.

This applies regardless of whether you want to borrow money in the bank or online. We will therefore introduce you to 3 of the most important financial pages you should know if you would like to be well informed as a customer.

Money prices are places where you can compare the prices of the world’s products with the banks. You can do that smartly based on your private circumstances. So whether you are in relationship or depending on which annual income you have.

It is clear that your opportunities are greatly influenced by these conditions, so their theoretical setups can be of great help. Even if they are only indicative. When you have to compare the country’s banks with each other, is the place and here you compare the APR on both consumer loans, car loans and home loans.

In fact, the only drawback is that their overviews can be a little difficult to see for the general Danes. So you may have a little trouble with at first.


My banker is another comparison service that can make you wiser about the providers’ interest rates and opportunities. Here you can compare the following:

  • savings accounts
  • checking accounts
  • Budget
  • Consumer
  • Car loans
  • Home loans

But the reason they are mentioned here is at least as much for their good guides and articles. They contain a lot of information and answers to some of the most common questions.

In addition, they have the web’s best forum for loans, where you can participate and submit the questions you may have. You may not always get usable answers back, but of course you can always try.



At the end of the list we have and it is a comparison service for loans, broadband and A-boxes, for those who would like to find the best solution. On their website you can see overviews with the leading providers on the web and what they each offer.

They make it easy and easy to get an overview of the loan market online, so you ultimately find the cheapest loan. It takes a little preparation but is definitely worth 10-15 minutes!

In addition, they have a good wiki page, where you can get a number of the most used concepts. It is important you know these as consumers, so you know what you say YES to when you sign the loan agreement online or in the bank.


We hope you enjoy the 3 websites. If you even have a financial page to mention, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Get All Your Questions About The Home Mortgages Answers To – The Financial Center Sat, 25 May 2019 06:58:43 +0000 Continue reading "Get All Your Questions About The Home Mortgages Answers To – The Financial Center"



Having a home that you own is a dream that many people have. Unfortunately, getting a mortgage can be difficult and complicated. To fully understand what mortgage financing means, you should take your time to gain as much knowledge as possible. This article will give you all the tips and tricks you need to succeed.

Start early with preparation for the home loan process. If you are thinking about getting a new home, your finances must be in great shape. You should have a healthy savings account and all the debts you have must be manageable. They are not approved if they last too long.

Reduce existing debt and avoid new debt while looking for your mortgage loan. The lower your debt, the better your mortgage rate will be. If your consumer debts are high, your loan application could be denied. More debt can also lead to an increase in their mortgage quota, which you would rather avoid.


Get All Your Questions About The Home Mortgages Answers To Questions



If a lender rejects your mortgage loan, do not be discouraged. While one lender may deny you, there may be another that will not exist. Buy yourself and check your options. You may need a co-signer to get it done, but there is a mortgage option available for you.

Examine a number of financial institutions to find the best mortgage lender. Look at the reputation of people you know and online, along with hidden fees and tariffs within the contracts. You will be better able to choose the mortgage that is right for you if you have the details of each offer.

Ask for help if you have difficulty with your mortgage. There are a lot of credit counselors out there. Make sure you choose a reputable one. HUD is advised throughout the country. With the help of consultants who are HUD approved, free advice can be provided to help prevent foreclosures. Contact your local HUD office to find a guide in your area.

Before you sign a mortgage for the house, look at the lender. Do not trust a lender you know nothing about. Be sure to check them. Take a look around the internet. Review the rating of the company’s Better Business Bureau. It is important to have the greatest possible knowledge in order to realize the greatest savings.

Once you’ve secured financing for your home, you should pay a bit over the interest rate each month. This will help you to pay off your mortgage much faster. As little as paying an extra hundred dollars a month could cut the term of a mortgage by ten years.

Mortgage Lenders

Mortgage Lenders


Pay attention to dealing with mortgage lenders who are less than honest. Many of you are legitimate, but there are others who will do what you can to make the most of yourself. Avoid the lenders who talk smoothly and promise you the world to make a deal. Do not sign up if the tariffs seem unnaturally high. Do not work with lenders who say they will help you, even with a bad credit. Never go to a lender who tries to say that lying on the mortgage application is acceptable.

As mentioned in the above article, knowing about mortgage credit can be a difficult process. The right way to understand everything is to walk slowly and absorb as much knowledge as possible to guide you through the credit process. Using the information in this article as a foundation, you will learn even more about how to search the Internet and read books.


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Consumer Loan Test 2018 – Bid On Best Consumer Loan Online 2018 Thu, 23 May 2019 07:14:13 +0000 Continue reading "Consumer Loan Test 2018 – Bid On Best Consumer Loan Online 2018"


                                                                                                                           Best consumer loan test                                                                                                                                                                                     

We will make it easier for you to find the very best consumer loan online. We know it can seem like an unmanageable task to review the market and examine all possibilities.                           

We are writing soon in 2018 and we have therefore looked at which online providers are expected to offer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Best consumer loan 2018

Best consumer loan 2018

There are many factors you can choose to take into account when finding the best consumer loan. Of course, it is obvious to look at the flexibility in relation to amounts and maturity. The interest rate and loan costs are also a key aspect, which probably plays the most important role for most consumers. In addition, service and response time will affect some.

If we look solely on the indicative interest rate, these providers are among the better at the time of writing:


Note that Spargo Finans is one of the new providers in the online market, so it will be exciting to see how they perform during 2018.

There are, of course, several providers in the online market that you can choose from. Since you can never know who is the cheapest in advance or where you are approved, we have mentioned 5 of them with the lowest recommended interest rates. Just to give you an idea of ​​who is likely to be cheapest:

  1. Santander Consumer Bank
  2. Bank Norwegian
  3. Ikano Bank
  4. Coop Bank
  5. Nordiclån

Search more places so you have better chances of finding the best and cheapest solution.

Now price and quality are far from the same. Therefore, do not believe that the cheapest consumer loans are always the best. Benefits such as pausing or repaying installments can also have an impact on your decision.

For our test not to be too one-dimensional about the interest rate, we have therefore also made a top 5, based on the score on Trustpilot. This gives a greater impression of who has many satisfied customers and a good service:

  1. Vivus
  2. Quick machine
  3. Zaplo
  4. Selene Finance
  5. Lendon

However, we do not consider this list to be particularly true for several reasons. On the other hand, some providers have more financial products on the shelves, so their Trustpilot score is not only related to their product; consumer loans. First, Vivus and Kvikautomaten are naturally popular, as they offer small free loans & credit to new customers. It is therefore not entirely fair to compare them with companies that offer large consumer loans up to DKK 400,000.

The above lists are for guidance only and include just a selection of the many providers in the market. We always recommend that you search from several companies to compare your offers. Click on the companies’ own websites to get more information about their terms and conditions. It will always be the information on the provider’s own website that is valid.


How do I choose?


How do I choose?


You can benefit from the list above, when you need to find the best consumer loan on the market. It is a selection of some of the cheapest and most reputable providers. You need to check two things before applying for a consumer loan. First of all, of course, you must make sure that the company can cover your needs in terms of amounts and maturity. Next, check if you can meet the company’s criteria. There will always be some requirements for you as an applicant, and you must meet these in order to be approved.

Choose at least 2-3 different companies, preferably more. It is free and non-committal to apply and it only takes a few minutes of your time. Only by submitting an application can you see exactly what the provider can offer you with your needs and your finances. You receive your offer the same day and then you can compare the offers from the different providers. Compare the APR to find the cheapest consumer loan for you.

Loans up to DKK 400,000 online

The advantage of an online consumer loan is that you can get the money into the account already 1-3 days after. The whole process takes place online, and so it goes quickly and easily. You can of course use the money exactly as you want, once your agreement has been approved. That way, you can afford just what you need, now and here. Submit your application today and afford new car, travel, furniture or the like.


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Life Insurance: Explanation| Payday Loans Fri, 10 May 2019 14:54:35 +0000 Continue reading "Life Insurance: Explanation| Payday Loans"



The essential

  • Life insurance is a flexible savings product, which allows for a wide range of investments without constraints.
  • Life insurance allows tax benefits to be realized on the gains realized.
  • It is also a succession tool, flexible and fiscally advantageous.

Life insurance: a flexible savings product


Life insurance is a savings product that allows you to make various investments and thus increase your capital. It is therefore not necessary to confuse life and death insurance, the latter being a provident product.

The life insurance allows you to save without constraint, because contrary to the received ideas, your capital is not blocked there. You can pay your savings (we are talking about premium payments) or withdraw a portion of it when you want (we are talking about redemptions). In addition, life insurance is a very advantageous savings product in terms of taxation. Of course, you can recover the savings at any time, but saving for at least eight years will save you money, at least in part. This makes life insurance an ideal savings product in the medium or long term. You can subscribe to one or more life insurance policies, and you can also open a contract on behalf of a third party. When you open the life insurance, you make a down payment, then you can make payments, punctual or regular, if you wish.

Invest with life insurance

 Invest with life insurance

With life insurance, your money is invested:

  • in one or more funds in euros, with guaranteed capital (you are thus guaranteed to recover the amount you initially invested);
  • and / or in units of account, which can be various media such as equity and bond funds (SICAV or FCP), real estate funds (SCPI or OPCI), or structured products.

The breakdown between euro funds and units of account depends on the risk you want to take. Life insurance is suitable for all investor profiles: you can be cautious or very dynamic. Factors that should enable you to measure risk taking are:

  • your financial and family situation (we are talking about risk capacity);
  • your appetite for risk (related to your desire for performance);
  • your investment horizon, which depends on your financial plans and their deadlines. The farther away they are, the more risk you can take ( learn more about investing by objectives ).

The choice of investment media is not necessarily easy. Fortunately, there are several modes of management, to choose according to your financial knowledge: free management, management recommended, or management under mandate.

  • When you opt for free management, you choose your own units of account; this requires a good financial culture.
  • When you opt for a discretionary management, you delegate the management of your savings to a financial professional. The latter will then deal with distribution and arbitration decisions (ie reinvest some of the savings in another medium) between the different media. He will select the best media for you.
  • In the advised management, you are assisted by a counselor, but the final decision belongs to you.

Expenses on a life insurance

The total costs of a life insurance can be broken down as follows:

  • the administrative management fees of the insurer, collected monthly or quarterly;
  • the expenses of mandate, within the framework of a controlled management;
  • entrance fees, levied at each payment;
  • arbitration fees (levied when you change your allocation);
  • as part of a mandate, performance fees may also be charged;
  • Finally, we must not forget the management fees specific to investment vehicles (SICAV, FCP and SCPI), which are rarely explained and benefit your bank, your broker or your advisor, through retrocessions.

As they accumulate, costs can greatly reduce the performance of the investments made. We advise you to be vigilant on all costs. In this case, you should never buy life insurance with entrance fees.

What are the advantages ?

 What are the advantages ?



Life insurance is one of the most profitable savings products in terms of returns: the annual rates of Livret A and LDD do not exceed 0,75% (2015), the average yield of the funds in euros, as for it amounts to 2.3% (net of management fees, in 2015). Most importantly, the performance of life insurance can come from a judicious choice of units of account or dynamic investment vehicles. For example, over the last five years, European bonds yielded 24%, European equities 41.79%, and US equities 124% (note however, past performance is no guarantee of future performance and these investments are risky. loss of capital).

tax system

Life insurance gives you the benefit of tax advantages, both on interest earned and death duties; it is one of the least taxed investments in France. According to the age of the contract:

  • In the first four years following the subscription: the levy on withdrawn earnings is relatively high at 35%.
  • Between the fourth and eighth year of your contract: this levy increases to 15%. You can, however, opt to add earnings to your taxable income for each withdrawal you make; you will then win if your marginal tax bracket is less than the flat rate.
  • After eight years of retention: when you make a redemption, that is to say when you withdraw your money, partially or totally, you benefit from an advantageous taxation. It is wise to keep your policy for more than eight years before you buy back. You benefit from an abatement of € 4,600 if you are single, or € 9,200 if you are married or pacsé – the part of gains above these amounts being taxed at 7,5%. In other words, if you make a withdrawal, then you will not pay taxes on the amount originally paid, nor on the earnings, provided that these gains are less than € 4,600 (or € 9,200 if you are married or pacsé).

Another tax benefit of the insurance is that it is not part of the estate of the insured – except in the case where no beneficiary is designated. Life insurance is thus more advantageous in terms of taxation, because your estate you benefit from a 50% discount greater than the reduction of a conventional estate. The deduction taken into account with life insurance is € 152,500 per beneficiary, for amounts invested before the age of 70. In addition, the tax rates are lower: in a traditional succession, the tax rate can go up to 45%, while that of life insurance is capped at 31.25%.

When you buy life insurance, you must complete a beneficiary clause, where you choose life beneficiaries (usually yourself), and beneficiaries in the event of death. The latter will receive the remaining capital on your contract during your succession. This beneficiary clause must absolutely be fulfilled, otherwise the capital would lose any tax and civil benefit. You are also free to designate one or more persons, equally or unequally, within your family or not. You can specify multiple ranks of beneficiaries: if the first one is no longer alive, the second will be profitable.

Life insurance with Nalo


When you invest with Nalo, your savings are placed in mandated life insurance. We recommend a tailor-made investment portfolio, and we take care of making it work for you. Our management is adapted to your projects and objectives, in line with your heritage environment (income, real estate, financial wealth).

Thanks to our financial planning technology , you can simultaneously organize your various financial projects. For example, you can prepare for retirement, save for your children’s education, or simply seek to strengthen your wealth at the same time on a single life insurance policy. For each of your projects, you define a time horizon and a goal, and we make the right investments, your investment.

Unlike other life insurance, Nalo is based on index funds , also known as trackers or ETFs (for exchange traded funds). These funds replicate a stock market index. Their fees are considerably lower than the SICAV or the FCP, which allows to preserve the performance. By investing in dozens, if not hundreds of companies, ETFs offer you optimal diversification, which helps reduce risk while maintaining a significant return.

With Nalo, you also benefit from reduced fees : no entrance fees, no arbitration fees or fees. Life insurance administrative expenses are 0.85% / year, ETF management fees are 0.55% / year, plus an average of 0.25% charged by the management companies. The use of low-cost ETFs and the automation of low value-added tasks now allow us to offer a better quality service, almost half as expensive as the offers on the market .


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Loan Words and Their Meaning – Explanation of Loan Terms Wed, 01 May 2019 06:41:13 +0000 Continue reading "Loan Words and Their Meaning – Explanation of Loan Terms"




If you need to take out a loan, there are a number of concepts that are good to keep track of before you jump out of the loan process. The market can sometimes seem unmanageable and here a knowledge of concepts can help you well on the way.

We have looked at a number of the most widespread and relevant loan words that you should know as a consumer. Read about them here.


credit Amount


credit Amount

The total amount of credit is the amount you end up getting paid. So it is the money you borrow, less all the formation costs. The foundation typically costs around 500 – 800 kroner.



The period you have to repay your loan back is called maturity. The maturity depends on the size of the loan you take. Mostly, there is a short maturity on small loan amounts and a longer maturity of larger amounts. It is different from the provider to the provider, how long a term you can get.

On the web, it can fluctuate between 15 days to 180 months, depending on who you choose. You therefore have a wide range of options as a customer.


Construction fee


Construction fee


The creation fee is a lump sum you pay when the loan is created. The creation fee varies from provider to provider.

As you can see in our overview, it can fluctuate from 495 to 800 kroner, depending on who you apply with.


Credit costs

credit costs


Credit costs are what you pay to be able to borrow your money. Credit costs are the same as APR, but calculated in kroner and cent instead of percentage. The amount you have to pay back is both the credit amount and the credit cost.





APR stands for Annual Percentage Costs. All banks and loan providers must inform ÅOP when they offer financial products, and therefore it is easy to keep an eye on. The annual cost involves both interest, fees, formation costs and all the other small amounts it costs you to take the loan. Find the loan with the lowest APR to find the cheapest solution.


The borrowing rate


The borrowing rate


The borrowing rate is the annual effective interest rate. It’s the interest rate you pay, plus the interest rate on interest. It is a guide for all the different companies’ websites.


Credit rating


credit rating


A credit rating is something that the loan provider or bank makes to make sure you can repay your money again. Part of the credit rating is to ensure that your name is not registered with RKI, which is a register of bad payers in Denmark. If you have your name registered, it is not possible to apply. In addition, pay slips, annual statements and budgets are used to find out if you can take a loan.

In principle, the bank is much more detailed in their credit rating, while the online providers make fewer questions and “just” must have documented the stated income.

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